OnAir Campaigns

OnAir Schools is a new program of the Alliance, a STEM-aligned initiative that inspires preK-12 students to take the lead on classroom campaigns to reduce traffic and air pollution at their school.  Using a digital platform to plan, implement and measure, students can engage their entire school community in taking actions that help save the air.  Check out our No Idling and Get there Green campaigns.




Climate Quilt Campaign

The Climate Quilt Campaign unifies children throughout the world by joining their pledges together to help save the planet. The quilt symbolizes children's desire to protect and care for the earth. Each patch celebrates an individual child's pledge to improve the environment. These individual patches are sewn together into one unified quilt, illustrating that when you join together, the impact can be very big.




Humans of the Pale Blue Dot

The Humans of the Pale Blue Dot (HotPBD) campaign was created by 7 students at GSA’s 2016 Student Conservation Corps & Congress. HotPBD is a multi-platform social media initiative whose mission is to address climate and conservation challenges through education, advocacy and action. The campaign demonstrates our common humanity, spreads awareness about sustainable solutions, and mobilizes climate and conservation action. Utilizing Instagram and Facebook, the HotPBD Team is reaching out across a broad international demographic to friends, family, organizations and experts.

HotPBD invites you to share: What are YOU doing in your own community?  What is your role in the movement? What is your biggest concern: environment, equity or economics? We hope you will all become a Human of the Pale Blue Dot!



Pollinator Garden Campaignsbutterfly

Pollinators of all kinds are indicator species that reflect the health of the planet. Climate change, habitat destruction and pesticides are having an impact on on ALL species, reducing their numbers at an alarming rate. Not only are pollinators beautiful, but the decrease in the number of pollinators has an important bearing on the security and abundance of our food.

What can you and your school do to help?

Building pollinator gardens is an activity that schools are embracing across the United States and Mexico. A pollinator garden is an all-encompassing STEM teaching tool, especially suited for ecological and sustainability studies.



turtleS.T.O.P. - Students Take on Plastics

Students Take on Plastic (S.T.O.P.) is an initiative borne out of the Ban the Bag Conference at the Hewitt School (NY) in 2013 and their follow-up student training on how to talk to lawmakers to encourage them to pass legislation that bans or places a surcharge on single use plastic bags.

Single use plastic represents one of many challenges to a sustainable future for our planet. Green Schools Alliance students have shown that this is a challenge they are ready to meet head on. Young people deserve a seat at the table in deciding their future, and S.T.O.P. provides them a template for citizen action they can implement immediately. This campaign can apply both to single-use plastic bag or bottles.