Project Learning Tree - for Teachers

teacher pro developmentteacher trainingGSA has partnered with Project Learning Tree (PLT) to provide a teacher professional development solution to its members. PLT teaches students how to think, not what to think about complex environmental issues. Recognized as a leader in environmental education for 40 years, PLT enhances critical thinking, problem solving, and effective decision-making skills. Their professional development is carefully designed to create effective learning experiences. PLT's award-winning, multi-disciplinary curriculum materials are hands-on and fun, and aligned with state and national education standards. 



Building Operator Training - for Facility Managers

operator trainingBuilding Operator Certification (BOC) is the leading training and certification program for building engineers and maintenance personnel. The hands on training helps graduates make their buildings more comfortable, efficient, and environmentally friendly, thanks to skills they master in class. The BOC credential is just as valuable to the building owner as it is to the operator. Graduates help their organizations substantially cut operating costs, as much as $20,000 per year! Through our partnership, GSA members are eligible to receive discounted tuition for the BOC program. 




Other Professional Development Opportunities

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