Green Schools Alliance uses the collective power of its 10,000 schools to save on everyday purchases so you can better invest in your students' success. This is not your typical purchasing consortium! 

Powered by Negotiatus Corp., we use the power of data, technology, and vendor relationships to drive down the price of sustainable products to make them more accessible to schools.


Schools save money on everyday purchases to better invest in student success.

Schools and districts save an average of 20% when purchasing through the Alliance; receive the same or new products at better prices; and benefit from the Alliance’s collective purchasing power to make quality more affordable.


Schools maintain or improve the quality of products and services.

Schools improve previously sacrificed quality with the flexibility to try affordable and comparable items; get support in starting or continuing to explore affordable sustainable products and services; and can purchase high quality items for classrooms, offices, grounds, food service, cleaning purposes, and more.


Schools gain a purchasing process that’s easy to use and implement.

Schools access an online platform that streamlines procurement to reduce waste -- especially where purchasing is decentralized; gain cutting-edge procurement practices and reliable vendor relationships; and receive support to get started with the GSA Purchasing Solution.

Explore HOW-TO-GET STARTED for a quick video overview and then step-by-step instructions to identify your purchasing landscape, get product and pricing estimates, and how to talk to your purchasing authorities to place an order!
Get more information in the toolkit on the right or review our Frequently Asked Questions
Contact a purchasing coordinator for more information or to get started.

Green Schools Alliance recognizes schools as hubs of the community. By making environmentally friendly options more affordable, we seek to transform markets, policy, and behaviors to foster whole school sustainability. Participants are not required to be members of the community in order to access the GSA Purchasing Solution.



This Toolbox is designed to support you in making the case that the GSA Purchasing Solution will offer savings, quality, and ease to the procurement process. The following files are downloadable PDFs:

•   How to Get Started Guide
•   Purchasing Solution Summary
•   Purchasing Solution Flyer
•   FAQs

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